What does API stand for?

The acronym API stands for American Petroleum Institute. It sets the global quality requirements and testing criteria of lubricants, such as motor or gearbox oil.


What is a Lubricants role and function?

Lubricants are essential for any part requiring lubrication. It improves engine efficiency by reducing friction, protects against wear and prolongs life, keeps the engine clean and cools the parts.


What benefits does premium lubricants offer?

  • OEM Approvals
  • Technical support
  • Reliability
  • Quality assurance
  • New technology
  • Maximizing equipment uptime


What is EP2 Grease and it’s applications?

EP2 lithium grease is best used for applications that involve a wide range of temperatures and high/extreme pressure conditions.


Common applications where EP2 lithium grease can be used:

  • General grease applications
  • Wheel bearings
  • Chassis
  • U-Joints
  • Ball Joints

How to choose the right cutting oil?

Cutting oil facilitates the cutting or shaping of metal by machining, grinding and honing. Its purpose is to lubricate, reduce heat, reduce wear and galling between the tool and work piece, and assist in chip removal from an active cutting surface. The choice of cutting oil depends on the machine, type of metal being machined, cutting speed and other parameters.


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