When using an “All Makes All Models” coolant, you want to make sure the product is compatible with all known antifreeze formulas. Often times when different antifreeze/coolants are mixed in the vehicle cooling system their formulas can react poorly with each other, failing to protect the system from harmful rust and corrosion. Valvoline Multi-Vehicle utilizes a proprietary compatibility aid called Alugard Plus that helps these different antifreeze formulas work together, providing maximum protection for your cooling system.

Valvoline™ Multi-Vehicle contains Alugard Plus, a proprietary compatibility aid that helps different antifreeze chemistries work together to provide maximum protection and performance. Additional product benefits include:

  • Compatible with all automobiles and light duty trucks 
  • Safe to mix with any color antifreeze
  • Provides advanced protection of all cooling system metals against the harmful effects of rust and corrosion
  • Protects agains cold weather freeze-ups and hot weather boil-overs.
  • Protects water pump, soldered joints, seals and seams to prolong the life of the cooling system

Antifreeze 100%, antifreeze 96%, premix 50/50. ready to use antifreeze, coolant