Valvoline STOU is a premium multi-functional oil specially formulated for use in agricultural equipment in engines, transmissions, and differentials with wet brake and integrated hydraulic systems of tractors. Due to the excellent friction properties and protection against wear and corrosion, Valvoline STOU is recommended for many agricultural manufacturers and can be used for the total lubrication of tractors or other equipment. Available in 2 viscosities.*

Multi-functional tractor oil. Additional product benefits include:

  • Specially formulated for agricultural use, adjusted to different circumstances like low speed and high torque
  • The base oils and additive system form a protective oil film for all the tractor components
  • Detergent and dispersant additives keep the engine, gearbox, differential, and hydraulic system clean and in good condition
  • Special Extreme Pressure additives protect the tractor components against break down
  • Can be used for the engine, the gearbox, the differential, and the hydraulic system. A real multipurpose use, providing one oil for the whole tractor, resulting in less storage and reduced miss-applications