The broad range of Tectyl products offer ultimate protection for metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride, salt, gravel and corrosion, which can help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies, earth moving, mining, industrial or any other equipment manufactured with metal parts.

Tectyl 506 is a preventative compound for rust prone surfaces providing protection against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride and corrosion.

  • Rust and corrosion preventative for rust prone surfaces.
  • Suitable as a versatile corrosion protective providing a wide variety of applications in automotive, marine, household and industrial.
  • Ideal for internal cavities of doors, pillars, sills, tools, lawnmowers, batteries, hinges, car parts and other metal surfaces.

Other Tectyl products include Tectyl Mutlipurpose  506 EH, Tectyl Cavity Wax Amber, Tectyl Cavity Was Non Solvent, Tyctyl Multipurpose Amber, Tectyl Mutlipurpose Transparent.