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High Viscosity Hydraulic Oil ISO : 32 - 100 Circulating Hydraulic Oil ISO 10 - 100 Suspension Oil for Hydraulic Forks Hydraulic oil 32, Hydraulic oil 46, Hydraulic oil 68, Hydraulic oil 10 Fire Resistant Water Glyc

Motor Oils Engine Oil - SAE 10W, 30, 40, 50, 15W40, 20W50 (API : CD/SF) Engine Oil - SAE 30, 40, 50, 15W-40 (API : CF/SF) Engine Oil - SAE 10W, 30, 40, 50, 15W-40, 20W-50 (API : CF-4/SJ) Multigrade Engine Oil - SAE - 15W-40 (API : CH-4/SJ

Pack size Available: 20L & 208L Valvoline Premium Blue is THE ONLY ONE™ engine oil exclusively recommended and endorsed by Cummins. Premium conventional heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in m

  Transmission and Gear Oils Transmission and Gear Oils   Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron II, Dexron III ATF II, ATF D2, ATF Dex 2 Extreme Pressure Gear Box Oil - SAE : 90 - GL-4, GL-

Oil for Compressed Air ISO 32 Mineral Compressor Oil for Vane / Screw Pumps - ISO : 32 - 100 Mineral Compressor Oil for Pistons - ISO : 46 - 150 Synthetic Compressor Oil for Pistons - ISO : 32 - 100 Compressor 68

Slideway 68 Slideway Oil : ISO 10 - 320 Full Synthetic Cutting Fluid (Dilute 40:1) Soluble Milky Emulsion for Aluminium Soluble Milky Emulsion for Ferrous Metals Semi- Synthetic Heavy Duty Cutting Fluid Semi- Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Industrial Gear Oil - Sulphur Phosphorous - ISO : 68 - 1000Industrial Gear Oil 150Industrial Gear Oil 220Industrial Gear Oil 320Valvoline offers a wide range of premium fluids that maximize performance for industrial applications.*{box-sizing: borde

Chain Saw Lube - ISO : 150 Cooling System Protector / Anti-Freeze - Meets Merc Spec (96%) (Dilute 50:50) Brake Fluid - DOT 4 Rockdrill Oil - ISO: 100, 150, 220 , 320, 460 Turbine Oil - ISO : 32 - 68

When using an “All Makes All Models” coolant, you want to make sure the product is compatible with all known antifreeze formulas. Often times when different antifreeze/coolants are mixed in the vehicle cooling system their formulas can re

Two-stroke (2T) motorcycle oils are designed to reduce smoke and provide superior protection. Durablend Scooter 2T engine oil is formulated with high quality base oils and additives to ensure maximum performance output for two stroke scooter engines.

Valvoline STOU is a premium multi-functional oil specially formulated for use in agricultural equipment in engines, transmissions, and differentials with wet brake and integrated hydraulic systems of tractors. Due to the excellent friction properties

Valvoline™ General Purpose Grease is a general-purpose EP grease designed for both automotive and industrial uses. It is recommended as a chassis and wheel-bearing lubricant for some automobiles and trucks equipped with non-disc brake whee

The broad range of Tectyl products offer ultimate protection for metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride, salt, gravel and corrosion, which can help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies, eart

Degreasing Fluid - Type 3 Environmentally Friendly / Water Based Degreasing Fluid - Type 2 For Underground Use (Non-flammable) Degreasing Fluid - Type 1 Heavy Duty / Solvent Based Electrical Contact Cleaner - Type 1 Engine Cleaner - Water